First two weeks

As my second shot day approaches, I've been thinking about what changes have actually happened. About the 11th day I noticed that I was hungrier than normal. It was somewhere around midnight or after and I asked my Wife if she thought it may be the testosterone because I was so hungry. I've been trying … Continue reading First two weeks


T day is here!

I'm late in posting this, but I finally got my first Testosterone shot!! July 24th will be my T-bday. I was really excited and since I leave work at 6:30am and my Wife wanted to go with me, I had her pick me up from work and off we went. What I failed to realize, … Continue reading T day is here!

My oh my, another big week. This week I tackled my top surgery. I called the surgeon of choice and got started on making my consultation appointment. I have already talked to my insurance company and know just what I need and what will be covered. The only requirement for me is a letter from … Continue reading


This past week has gone by a little slower. I saw therapist X again and the session was much better, however, I had to pee so badly that it must have been super obvious (mostly because I had begun to sweat and bounce my leg like crazy) that she caught on and we wrapped up … Continue reading Happiness

Catching up

Just a quick update before bed. My appointment Friday went so much better than the first one with the other therapist. Let's call this one Mr O. He was amazing and asked questions about me and when did I know, how did I feel etc. I got to verbalize my story (which, for 34 years … Continue reading Catching up