Eighteen weeks!

Okay, so my grand desires of keeping up with my transition have failed. That's okay though, there's always time to reboot! I just had my T shot, I'm now 18 weeks on testosterone and it feels amazing. I can't believe how fast time has flown by! My voice is continuing to lower, I had to … Continue reading Eighteen weeks!


No more bras for me!!

Man oh man! I officially never have to wear a bra ever again 🤗 I cannot begin to explain the freedom I feel at this moment. Yes, I'm tender and in slight pain, but it's so worth it. I had surgery on Oct 15th and have been home resting and trying to get solid sleep. … Continue reading No more bras for me!!

Ten days

Ten more days until one of my biggest wishes in life gets granted. Top surgery is quickly approaching and so far the biggest worry I have is waking up with a tube down my throat. I have two rotations off work, so 16 days to heal before going back to work. I don't anticipate having … Continue reading Ten days

First two weeks

As my second shot day approaches, I've been thinking about what changes have actually happened. About the 11th day I noticed that I was hungrier than normal. It was somewhere around midnight or after and I asked my Wife if she thought it may be the testosterone because I was so hungry. I've been trying … Continue reading First two weeks